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Link2sd Plus APK Download

Users may, from time to time, wish to transfer files from their phone’s internal memory to their SD card, especially when the phone’s internal storage is running low. This is where the Link2sd Plus application comes into play, simplifying the process of swiftly and efficiently moving your files to your memory card.

The user-friendly interface of this application has been designed to ensure ease of use and straightforward operations, enabling you to free up valuable space on your phone’s memory card.

What Is Link2sd Plus?

So, what exactly is Link2sd Plus? This application is designed to make it easier for Android 2.0+ users to transfer their applications from their phone’s internal storage to their memory cards. It functions as an application manager, giving you control over your applications and storage.

What does Link2sd Plus offer in terms of features?

Many users inquire about the unique capabilities of each application, as features can vary widely. When you explore Link2sd Plus, you’ll discover that it simplifies the process of linking APK applications, APK, DEX, and LIB files to your SD card. Furthermore,

it offers other valuable features, including:

  • The ability to link external applications, external data for games, and obb folders to your memory card.
  • The capability to link app dex files of system apps to your memory card.
  • A cache-clearing service to keep your device running smoothly.
  • The ability to move applications to your SD card, even if the application does not inherently support such a transfer.
  • Batch operations for linking, unlinking, reinstalling, uninstalling, moving to the SD card, and moving to the phone.
  • Link2sd Plus offers a range of features beyond these, making it a highly functional application.
  • If you’re facing storage constraints on your phone and are wondering how to tackle the issue, this application allows you to efficiently direct your files to your memory card.

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